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Kini Kini Pool Bar- A Perfect Blend of Good Times and Appetizing

Set inside the alluring La Quinta Beach Resort is the popular Kini Kini Pool bar. Right from the exciting beginning on June 1, 2013, Kini Kini Pool Bar has created a niche for itself among a long list of places to eat and drink on the island.
Sown with the love of couple owner duo, Willeke is from the Netherlands while Mitch is a local. They have been together for over two decades now.
All because their hard work and love of good food, good drinks, and good people make them successful at running this eclectic bar. Their excellent service only matches Their focus on high-quality sourcing products. The customers vouch for the superb hospitality of Kini Kini Pool Bar.
No wonder Kini Kini Pool Bar has amassed a loyal fan following among the locals and has become a must-visit spot for Aruba tourists. With Kini Kini Pool Bar, we want our guests to enjoy foods and drinks they are familiar with, but with an Aruba twist.
So, whoever you are, come to La Quinta Beach Resort and find us; you will come back again. That’s a promise.

Decorated in Wood

We make Kini Kini such a memorable experience by keeping it real and connected to the island’s soul. From our décor to our food to our drinks, everything fits into the Aruba vibe. Just as you enter the bar, the earthy wooden décor gives you a warm welcome. The fact that the whole bar is made out of eco-friendly material will warm your heart too.

For the Love of Customers

And then, there is the final piece that completes the Kini Kini Pool Bar – You! That’s right. We believe it is our customers that make us who we are. We love serving and being a part of our customer’s life. That is why we celebrate them by decorating our walls with their names. When you come to Kini Kini Pool Bar, you will find the walls filled with customers’ names we have served and made happy.
Whether you are a tourist or a local, you will find something worth your taste buds when you spend an evening with us.

We are Kini Kini Pool Bar – Your hangout in Aruba.


If you are interested in vegan nutrition, join us

There are many people who are becoming aware of vegan nutrition and want to be a part of it. If you are also interested in vegan nutrition, then do make sure to join us.
Vegan is an excellent switch for a healthy lifestyle. We will be elated if you join us.


There is a lot to know about our offers.

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Amazing Cuisine

Our amazing dishes will make you forget everything else, and you will get lost in the taste of it. Scintillating your taste buds, you will undoubtedly crave more.

b v
BBQ Wednesday

Wednesdays calls for a BBQ night! Indulge your taste buds to some amazing grilling dishes that you will fall in love with. Our special days are only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so make the most of them.

b v
Mexican Night

A life without Mexican food is no life at all! Don’t wait anymore because Thursday is our heavenly Mexican Night. Enjoy this special day and make unforgettable memories.

f d
Karaoke Night

Thank god it’s Friday! Let's celebrate it and kickstart the weekend with an awesome Karaoke Night. Bring along your friends and family and sing like no one is listening. Enjoy good food and good vibes.

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Great Food & Ambiance

Get a great island experience with our fantastic food, drinks, and ambiance. If you want to have a great time with your loved ones, there is nothing better than Kini Kini Pool Bar.

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Delightful Cocktails

Every drink here is unique and blissful at the same time. You will get everything from an old classic to a crazy mix.



Achieving our customer's happiness is our main motto.


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