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Good times are awaiting you! Visit us at Kini Kini Pool Bar, where you will have a great time with your loved ones. Our team always aims to provide the best of services to our customers. Kini Kini pool bar is quite famous in Aruba for the fantastic feasts and a great ambiance.

After all, it is all about the vibes you get when you enter a place, and we strive to provide the Caribbean vibes mixed with outstanding service to our guests. Once you set your foot at Kini Kini Pool Bar, you will feel as if you have entered an exotic Caribbean place.

We believe in being connected to the soul of the One Happy Island; that is the reason why we have decorated our place in only wood. Feel the tranquility along with lip-smacking food at Kini Kini Pool Bar. The interiors have an earthy wooden feel, and the food is just top-notch. You have to come to an experience of something extraordinary.

Along with lip-smacking cuisines and Caribbean vibes, we also provide unique rentals that will make your holiday even more memorable. Aruba Villa Ditta and Mammaloes cater to all who are looking to have a fantastic time in Aruba. There is a lot to experience with luxurious interiors, world-class amenities, and exciting activities. Your dream vacation is just a click away. Our team is waiting to give you a warm welcome at our services, so what are you waiting for just book them right away!!


Our Cocktails

Kini Kini Pool Bar makes every drink stand out. We do things our way here. So, please leave it to us to make any drink sing. The bartender will mix up a storm just for you to savor. There is everything from an old classic to a crazy mix for you to choose from. Take a pick.


Relish some irresistible plates specially curated for you. Fulfill your hunger pangs with our lip-smacking dishes. Our seasonings and unique sauces will dance on your tongue. So, whether you are looking for a side of onion rings to eat with your drinks or full-fledged steak to feast on, we do it all.


Our Ambiance

Get the One Happy Island vibes at Kini Kini Pool Bar. You will have a great island experience here with us, and our dedicated staff will take good care of you. With our bar, we have created a space that is warm, welcoming, and wonderful. A delicious drink and a mouth-watering bite at the island’s favorite bar!


Theme Day Title Timing
Barbecue day BBQ Wednesday Whole day
Theme Day Title Timing
Mexican Mexican Night Evening 6PM to 8PM
Theme Day Title Timing
Karaoke Night Karaoke Night Evening 6PM to 8PM


Are you thinking about a Caribbean wedding? Then there is no place better than Aruba. It is one of the dream wedding destinations. We at Wedding Bellz Aruba are here to help you plan your dream wedding. Our team has just the perfect solution to every wedding require! Wedding Bellz Aruba is an event planning company in Aruba. We specialize in both beach blessings and legal weddings as well as vow renewals, rehearsal, special events, honeymoon planning, and anniversaries, to name a few. At Wedding Bellz Aruba, we focus on customizing your wedding event day in Aruba to meet your unique ideas and desires.


If you are looking for amazing rentals in Aruba, all you have to do is choose the most popular Aruba Villa Ditta. The ones who are looking for luxury must choose our fantastic vacation destination stays. Get top-notch luxurious services in the upscale neighborhood of Aruba. We have everything that will make your Caribbean holiday even more special.



Are you planning a weekend stay, family vacation, workshop, or events? Then Mammaloe’s Bed & Breakfast is your one-stop destination. This premier vacation home is located just near the former gold mines, donkey sanctuary, the entrance to the most famous Aruba’s Arikok National Park.


Yoga is essential for the tranquillity of the min body and soul. Find the peace where you can explore your spiritual side here in Aruba at our special yoga retreat. You will get mesmerized by this retreat, which will be quite a memorable experience for you. Breathtaking views of Aruba and the relaxation of Yoga is one deadly combination. Experience it with us at our exotic Yoga Retreat.


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